Shields & Heraldry at 

Shields & Heraldry at

This is a fan site dedicated to information about the shields that have been created by Playmobil®, and the heraldry on them.

It is not an official Playmobil® site, and no items depicted are for sale.

There are two main sections. The first is based on the shape of the shield. The main page of that section has a linked gallery of all of the shield images on the site. Clicking on the shield will take you to it's individual page. The individual pages are housed in the By Shape directory, named by the part number; or if unkown, by the set number the shield is from. Recent, unreleased, or some older shields do not yet have images and will only be found by browsing the By Shape directory or Index page. The second directory section is By Heraldry, where the shields are organized based upon the heraldic devices or other images upon them. Each page there has images of the related shields that link back to the individual shield page in the By Shape directory. On the individual shield pages the part number or set number is listed first. That number is linked to the related page at PlaymoDB where you can find out what sets it may have been in. Clicking on the links next to Shape Type, Heraldry, or Series will take you to the main index where all related shields are listed. This includes those without images that will not show up in the By Heraldry section. There is also a line for material that indicates if the shield is painted, simply molded but plain, or has a sticker. In cases where there is a sticker both the shield part number and the part number for the sticker (if they are known) are shown with PlaymoDB links.

If you know of shields not listed here, or have corrective or additional information, please let me know.

Also on this site is a section on Jousting Caparison - the coats and other things worn by horses during Jousting events. There is also a section about past PlaymoFriends discussion board jousting stories, and a section on a fictional land named Pavelonia and it's history and inhabitants.

Previously on this site section were the Figures Series, they have been moved to thier own section now.