New Shields from Add-Ons 2018

The new German Add-Ons catalog is out and as expected there are no new animals or animal variations. All of the new sets with animals in them have had the part numbers checked on the available instructions and nothing new.

There are four new shields this year though. Two each in the Dwarf and Roman Gladiator figure add on three packs.

From the Dwarfs set 6588 is the Viking plain color shield in what appears to be a lighter purple, item number 30 64 8005

Also from 6588 is the asymmetric dragon wing shield, item number 30 64 6995

From the Roman Gladiators three pack of figures set 6590 is this center boss type shield in brown, item number 30 64 8025

from the same set is this cat heraldry shield in the old knight heater style, item number 30 64 8015

There is always the possibility of a surprise, but that looks like it for Animobil additions from the add-ons this year. Thanks to Bob for help with the catalog photos. Thanks for reading – Tiermann

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