New Old Variations

Happy 2018!

Finishing up on old business I am posting here about a few new additions to the list of animals added in the last update of 2017. All of them are thanks to the sharp eyes and help of other collectors.

Thanks to a post by Cooster on Facebook I found out that there was an extra dark brown cow in the UK from the Playpeople line. GrahamB found one and also a calf in the same dark brown color and acquired them, then sent one of each along to me to add to Animobil. Thanks Graham and Cooster for helping me find a new and interesting very old variation! These are probably from early releases in the UK in 1976-8 or so. The cow is the three udder version with the letter B on one side. The calf also has the B brand.

Also in old variations is this early solid dog version in true black. It was brought to my attention by Eddy. It is from Japan and was released as part of the Meiji promotional line in the Police Officer bagged set. Time period is around 1984-6. I am guessing this one will be super hard to find, If anyone ends up with an extra please let me know.

The glow in the dark clam shell box has been definitively tracked down to set 5028 Mermaids Crystal Palace a limited release set from Germany in 2012. I had added the obvious animals in that set some time ago, but missed the shell box. I had also missed a coral that is in a unique color also only found in that set. It is a lovely dark purple. This was tracked down by Buecherwurm, and she has one of the boxes on the way to me. Next to find the coral. The glow int he dark shell part number is 30 21 0793 and the coral is 30 25 3552

Also thanks to the Buecherwurm the original mold of squirrels has been found in dark brown. This must have come from the earliest production of 4467 in 2007. That was the first appearance ever of the brown squirrel. Normally the squirrels in that set are the new mold but they must at some point have used the old molds for at least a while.

So some interesting and hard to find variants to start off the new year. It seems even after a decade of collecting and running Animobil there are still new things to learn about the animals Playmobil has released over the years.

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for reading – Tiermann

New Animal Images

I intended to do this at the beginning of the month but get busy with other things. The update happened, I just didn’t post the pictures here. So here are my latest additions from Germany (Thanks Daniela and Natalie!) and bought in the US.

That’s it for today. Another update next weekend with some cattle from the UK thanks to Graham. Thanks for reading – Tiermann


Figures 12 Updated Plus New Multiplay Figures

The Figures 12 update is finally complete with detailed photos of all the figures in the series. In addition, I have added the two Multiplay figures that are the giveaways in Germany from this last year. They should be showing up as gifts in the export markets this next year. They are numbered 6566 for the Male set and 6567 for the Female.

Also in Figures news over at it looks like one of the Figures from series 13 has already leaked out – the Biplane Pilot. Looks great, those should be released in Germany in January or so. April for us in the US usually.

Next update will be animals with the recent acquisitions from Germany.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Small Update to Shields and Figures

Just a small update, the shield from the Figures 12 series for the Shields site, and the group photos for 12 on the Figures site. Individual Figures Series 12 photos are on the way but won’t make it until some time next month. Also coming will be some more animal photos since my most recent box arrived from Germany (Thanks Daniela and Natalie!)

Magazines Update

A few new animal variations have come out int he last few months, plus a couple missed from last year.

Thanks to Natalie for pointing out that the small clam shell in the Girls Magazine from issue 5/2016 is a different color from the two previous pink ones.

Also pointed out is that the brown pony foal in the Easter Egg is different from themagazine one. The magazine is dark brown mane and tail and the Egg is black.

New this year are a German Shepherd in the new mold style but solid black. He is from Magazine 5/2017

Form the Super 4 Magazine in late summer we have a new Velociraptor color – yellow

That’s it for new additions this update. Better photos of the last two to follow when they arrive here. I am working on a Figures update with the most recent series but it takes a while. It is in progress though.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Shields Update

The new shields from the Dwarf theme coming up this winter have been added.

Also added today was the photo for the Pirate Ship’s Wheel shield.

Also new this update, a Skull and Crossbones heraldry category, just the one entry so far. I also added a new Heraldry entry for Flame for shields showing fire.

That’s it for this little update. Thanks for reading – Tiermann

August Update

The new Horse Farm theme and Dragons licensed theme are both out this month.

From the horses there turns out to be two other new variations previously missed. Both from the biggest set the 6926 Horse Farm. The brown horse has a white blaze on the forehead, as does the colt. The horse is 30 67 0603 and the colt 30 67 0613

Here are photos of the three larger dragons from the Dragons theme.

Other new editions this time – the 123 bird from the Advent Calendar turns out to be dark blue and not black as previously listed.

The seashell hair ornament from the Girls Figures Series 5 in 2013 has now been added.

The Clamshell Box has turned up in Glow in the Dark white. Hopefully this is part of the current assortment at the Funpark? From a set? Thanks to Buecherwurm7 for this info.

Also noticed by Buecherwurm7 is paint variation on the tiger cubs. The first type tiger cub has two different paint styles. Shown as 1 here is what I believe to be the older style based on catalog photos. The newer style (2) is also used on the white tiger cub and the more recent style 2 tiger cub.

Questions about color versus plain white on the first style horse have come up recently so I have added more photos. The best way to quickly tell the color horse apart is by holding it up to the light. If the light shines through the mane then it is in the color plastic, if it doesn’t it is a regular white horse.

In the example here the color horse is the oldest style horse with the letter B on the rear and the larger date and no hole underneath. That is the case on all my color horses but may not be the case on all horses that came in color sets.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your summer – Tiermann