Animobil Update January 2017

One new addition, a few new part numbers and a few new pictures for the main Animobil site today, plus a small update to the Figures pages.

New part numbers:

Goat Kid White 2 is 30 66 9963

Husky 2 is 30 66 6673

Polar Bear 3 is 30 66 6653

Polar Bear Cub 3 is 30 66 6663

Kitten Standing White 2 is 30 62 5445

The new addition is a Small Wyvern type 3 in red and orange, from Playmobil Magazine 5/2016 out now in Germany.

New pictures are the three Roncalli Circus horses plus their group shots:

For the Figures pages two new figures have been added. These are the Multiplay Man and Woman that has been the give away from Playmobil Germany for larger online orders this last year.  Set numbers are 6528 for the Woman and 6529 for the Man. Each makes three possible figures using just the one provided head and hair.

That’s it for the current updates. Next major update will be at the time of the Nuremberg Toy Fair when the new sets for 2017 are released to the press. Thanks as always for reading – Tiermann

Shields Update

Squeezing in a last minute update for 2016. In the January/February issue of Playmobil Magazine in Germany there is a new shield – the red and yellow with black dragon but on a rough copper colored shield.

Here are the other new images added this update for shields:

Also updated was the first page of Caparison, with slightly adjusted images for 1 and 2 and an all new image finally for number 3 the Color White version. Still missing from that one is the white and silver lance, but the rest is there finally.

An Animobil update is coming in the new year with a few part numbers and three new images. Happy New Year everyone and thanks as always for reading – Tiermann

December Animobil Update

Some new animal images this update. Just a couple of additional changes were made as well.

First the baby dolphin that is in the 6981 set turns out to be identical to the previous version. It has been combined in with Dolphin Baby Version 2 now.

For the new scorpion from add-on set 6483, it had been listed as light blue from the available images but in actual fact it is clear. Making it hard to photograph as well, but here it is along with the gold one from the big pyramid set:



Other new additions:

horsebrushpink seaturtle2back seaturtle3 123crocfloatgrn 123crocfloatgrny 123crocfloatred jackalgold camel3

Also updated this time is the small rabbits section. Thanks to help from Daniela I finally have all of the small rabbits in all colors and poses. The entire section was updated with new pictures. I will just show the big group image for that though:


Here are a few other new group photos this time

turtles1216 scorpions1216 camels12-16 horsesbrushable

That was it for this update. The next update will be to the Shields section with four new images for that still to go, and a small update to the Caparison page as well. It’s a busy season so that may or may not happen by the end of the year.

Thanks as always for reading, and have a Happy Holiday Season! – Tiermann

November Update

A small update for the Shields site to start out November.

Thanks to Don once again for pointing out a few missing shields. There are two variations of the old Viking shields that had color differences on the stickers. They have both been added now:

30897160a 30897170-4

Also added is a variation of the jewel centered shield. The one in the old Pirate Island set 5134 is made of the newest glossy gold plastic rather than the lighter gold plastic of the previous version. It also has an odd part number – 35 20 5072 which is the same as the old version just with a 35 starting number.


Finally we have the new Greek face shield from the Athena set 9150. This set is one of this year’s two Play & Give sets exclusively available in Greece. The other set is Zeus who does not come with a shield.

9150 9150

This one is in that same glossy gold.

That’s it for this update. Thanks for reading – Tiermann

September Update

Both the Shields and the regular Animobil pages have been updated today.

On the shields page there are two new additions. In the April 2016 issue of Super 4 Magazine there is this new shield, thanks to Don for pointing it out.


The other new addition is from the History Books Series being put out by deAgostini. It is in the Indian Empire issue.

2016IndianEmpire indiaemp1 indiaemp2

Also in this update is the new child’s shield for the Egyptian series, the print is just a little crooked on this one.


The Roman child’s shield is identical to the previous version so far. While it shows in the promo images as having white, the one from the bagged set I got was the same as my previous one. The page has been combined together for now.

Here is the image for the axe type shield with the blue axe pattern


One other thing in shield news – the part number for the new Roman Scutum type shield is 30 64 4184.

For animals there are just some group image updates with a few other random images. No news yet. If you are a PCC member be sure to check out the latest exclusive catalog download where there is more to see about what’s coming up in 2017. No official public news until late January on that though, so no additional updates about it until then.

swallows chickens1 owls816 123birds clams816 deer816 bat hydras tigers816 kittens816 marsupials816 kangaroocomp scorpions816 spiders 123chickens falcons816

That’s it for this update. Thanks as always for reading – Tiermann


Late August Additions

The latest box from Germany arrived thanks to Daniela, so many new individual photos this update. First up though are a few new part numbers:

Camel 3 with the painted eyes is 30 66 4823

Golden scorpion is 30 02 9772

Dolphin baby in the 6981 Sportboat set has a new number 30 66 7213,

In shields the number for the new blue round shield is 30 64 6874 and the new Roman shield is 30 64 4184

New additions for both numbers and photos this update are a pair of the doves in light grey. The numbers for these have been around a bit, as they are included in the new big Princess Castle set but the actual color was uncertain. They were included in the Magician add-on set 6515 that I now have in hand and they are definitely a new color.

dovegreyopen dovegrey

Here they are displayed with all the other doves/pigeons in this mold series


Part numbers are 30 03 5472 for the one with wings closed

and 30 03 5482 for the one with open wings

Here are other individual photos of new arrivals, mostly from add-on sets or the Forest sets.

dragon4red owlbrn kittensitblkpt kittensittingwhpt kittensittingtan falcongrey falconbrntn kingfisher heron fallowdeer spider2 tiger123 goat123 bird123grey rooster123 unicornbaby3lav seasnakeblk unicornbabylaylav unicorn2lavwh

dogopenmthbrn puppy2sittan

A few of the new additions need extra comments.

First there is this 123 Pony. I have it currently classed as a horse but will be changing that to Pony because it is actually a totally new smaller mold than the usual 123 horse.


Here are the two additional shell boxes only obtainable from the Funpark in Zirndorf.

clamshellboxdkpink clamshellboxturq

Here are two Playmobil Magazine exclusive animals

scorpiondkredpack scorpiondkred

ponycoltbrnpack ponycoltbrn

Finally here is the kangaroo with a curved tail, now known as Kangaroo 2. There is a part number that is more recent that goes with this version 30 66 6422, and it must have been created late in the run of set 4854 since that is the last set with a kangaroo in it. I have never seen one of these in the US or on US eBay, but they seem to be fairly common on eBay in Germany and other parts of Europe.


That’s it for the most recent update, all live on the site now. Next update will include some new group pictures and the latest shields. Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Playmobil December and January Releases

The 2016-2017 Playmobil catalog is out in Germany now, and we have at least 17 new animals in the winter release themes.

Released in December are a new Farm Carry Case and a Princess Carry Case set.

In the farm there is this goat kid with painted eyes


In the Princess set is this white kitten with painted eyes


The first big new theme for December release will be a new Arctic theme. Included in it is a set with new polar bears

bearcubwh3-cat polarbear3-cat

The adult looks like a new head, and the cub is based on the panda cub now instead of the brown bear cub.

Also in arctic is this new dog – a Husky or Malamute


It’s part of a dogsled set, and should be expandable if you want a bigger team than the four included.

There is a new shopping mall theme, with a pet shop included but all of the animals in that set look like re-releases at this point. We may be surprised later of course. That series is scheduled for January, as is the other major new theme – a new Aquatic Park theme.

There are a couple of great enclosures as well as touch pools included in a gift shop set. There will also be a series of bagged animals with lots of new color variations and some new molds.

From the large enclosure set there is a new mold for the sea lion


In the bagged sets there is one with two octopuses – both with the color changing plastic. The smaller one is a new mold as well

octopusbaby-cat octopusblue-cat

There is a bag of pelicans, the adults are the old molds it looks like, but painted. The young are brand new. Hard to tell if it’s one mold for the two young ones or two different molds, Poses can make a huge difference in how they look.

pelican2-cat pelicanwingsout2-cat pelicanbaby-cat

There is a bag with seals – the white baby seal that already exists and a new color baby plus a new paint job on the adult seal.

sealbabytan-cat sealbrownpostted-cat

There is a sea turtle set with the new sea turtle from the Family Fun theme, plus this new color variation of the baby tortoise


There is a Marlin  bag with the existing marlin in it, plus a new young marlin


The final new bagged set is hammerhead sharks – the large one looks like a darker coloration of the existing hammerhead, and there is one that looks to be a new young hammerhead mold

hammerheadbaby-cat hammerhead2-cat

If you are a Playmobil Collectors Club member it’s possible to download a copy of the new catalog plus see larger images of the new sets at

If you aren’t a PCC member then photos of the catalog have shown up at in the Neuheiten forum. Some have been seen on Facebook as well. The catalog should be showing up at some time in the next few weeks. The new sets are also under discussion at

Generally some great new themes coming out, with lots of interesting new pieces. Looking forward to seeing some of them in person next spring, Thanks as always for reading – Tiermann