Shields Update

A small Shields section update. Thanks to Don for pointing out that the Super 4 Wolf warrior figure available from Quick restaurants in France has a new shield variant – the Wolf Shield with a white background instead of the grey/silver

I also updated the Caparison page again with the Color caparison number 3 now having the correct white lance. Here it is big

that’s it for this little update. There is one more shield out there not shown yet – the ships wheel shield from the latest series of Playmo Friends figures. I will post it when I get a good photo.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Early March Updates

Quite a few updates this week. First up is an information update. Thanks to Fernando in Mexico we now know that the brown open mouthed dog came in the farm set 3555 in at least some cases. This is the first set confirmation for this dog, so he happily finds a home and collectors have a place to start looking for him if he is missing from your collection.

Thanks once again to my great friend Graham in the UK a super rarity has found it’s way to me. The white version of the molded saddle horse.

Here it is with the other three known colors

Thanks to Andi in Germany for pointing out an eBay auction to me. Here we have something unknown, a black mouse. A seller in Malta has been offering a number of these, the source is not known at this time but it looks like legitimate Playmobil so I have added it to Animobil. Hopefully more about it will turn up eventually.

Two additional animals for 2017 have turned up. There is a part number at PlaymoDB for the Arabian horse from 9261 it’s 30 67 0313. With a new number I will assume it is in fact a new color combo – probably dark grey and black.

Also new in Fairy set 9135 is a giant yellow butterfly. It is made out of parts that already existed though, so I could easily make it up from extras I already had.

The remaining updates are thanks to Bookworm in Germany (Buecherwurm). She has pointed out a number of variations.

First I have finally split the painted parrots into groups by part number. I had them combined together, but when observed closely there is in fact a noticeable difference between the versions. There was a change in 2005/6 in the parrot mold and painting around the face. Here are the comparison photos of the three painted parrots and the versions.

The rattlesnake has two versions, but both have the same part number. Earlier ones have a tongue and newer ones do not.

The standing puppy has had a mold change. The tail is curved over on the most recently released ones. It had been straight up on earlier ones.  Again, no change in part numbers.

At some point there was a paint style change for some of the guinea pigs, and a color change on another. No part number change ever though.

One of the early type 1 ponies with painted spots has a paint variation. The spot painted on the side of the neck changed shape. It looks like this happened about 2006 and there have been two sets with this probably version in it since then 4074 and 5960.

Finally there is a tan type one horse with a diamond blaze on it’s forehead. Multiple copies of this have been seen in Germany. I do not currently know what set it is from and it doesn’t show up in PlaymoDB with a part number. More research is required. If you recognize it and know where it is from please let me know.

That’s it for this update. Most of the changes in this update are due to the help of collectors from all over the world. Thank you to all of you who have helped over the years! If you have any information that may make Animobil better or more complete please contact me any time, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Other Animobil Updates

The last post was about the newly revealed animals for 2017 from Nuremberg Toy Fair.

This post is about other updates that have been made in the last two weeks.

With the release of the Aquarium theme there have been a number of new part numbers, and confirmation of a few new animals not previously added to Animobil. Due to part numbers and paint we know the sea turtle is in fact a different version from the previous recent one.

Thanks to Dimitri for confirmation, the adult Marlin is also a different color from the last one and has a new part number reflecting that as well.

Part numbers for almost all of the animals in the Aquarium theme are now available and can be found on the appropriate Animobil pages. Still awaiting confirmation is a new part number for the pink sea shells in the Aquarium Shop set 9061. If anyone can confirm they are in fact different from the previous pink shells that would be great. I will be ordering some but I don’t think they will be in to me in the US for a few months yet.

Also from newly released themes, the small rabbit sitting in brown from the Shopping Mall pet shop set has painted eyes, making it a new variation as well.

Thanks to Andi (Customizer) I have taken a harder look at the pandas and have split them into two variations. The first version was painted while the second version uses the two color molding process. This is true on both the adult and baby. The best way to tell them apart is to look at the underside of the neck. On the painted versions the neck is all white when looked at from below. Here are the adult and baby version 1 painted

For version two the neck is half black due to it being molded in the two colors. Here they are from version 2

There are a few other small difference shaving to do with the paint application, but the underside of the neck is a quick and easy way to tell them apart.

One other addition in this last update is thanks to Graham in the UK. I now have both versions of the black and white version 1 calf, with and without the shoulder hole.

The new fairy theme is out in Germany now, and some of the part numbers are available but not all. We will have to wait for the instructions to come online for the rest. More updates when information comes available. Thanks to everyone for your help with info and images, and thanks as always for reading – Tiermann


Playmobil Animals 2017

It’s Nuremberg Toyfair weekend, and the new releases for 2017 through July have been announced. In addition to the new animals added in today’s update there are lots of new part numbers for the recently released animals in the Sea Park theme and even some of the new just announced themes. I won’t list them today but they can be found on the appropriate pages of Animobil. There have been a couple of minor changes about known animals that will be posted about later, but the rest of this post will be about the newly announced themes and animals.

Probably the biggest news out of Toy Fair this year is that Playmobil has started producing licensed themes. The first two they are releasing this year are Ghostbusters and Dreamworks Dragons (the How to Train Your Dragon franchise).

For Ghostbusters there is just one new mythical animal – the Terror Dog. In the original movie this is a pair of building ornaments like gargoyles that come to life.

Not surprisingly the HTTYD Dragons theme has more new dragons in it, pretty much the big name characters.

At Animobil these have been listed in a new sub-category of dragons together. I do feel like I should just point out that Stormfly is technically a Wyvern rather than a dragon since she doesn’t have arms. /dragon-geekery

There is a new run of sets in the Super 4 theme as well with a few new animals, not least the return of the best dragon ever (in my opinion) in green.

As well as a new ape named Gonk and a baby T-Rex in a new paint.

Continuing on in the Fantasy realm there will be a big new theme for the Fairies. Included in this are lots of recolored animals, plus a new variant of the large Wyvern plus a super cute baby dragon.

Three new unicorns including a version of the classic first unicorn colors of white and gold but in the newest styles of adult and baby.

The other recolored existing animals from the new Fairy theme:

Moving on from Fantasy the other big new animal theme this year is Horse farm. Surprisingly though it’s a big theme for sets there are few new horses in it. From the main horse stable theme there is only one, a new Sport Horse in white or cream

This is supplemented at holidays with some other new additions. At Easter in one of the eggs are three pony colts. Of the three one is brand new, with the other two colors having been seen previously. One of those was only in the Playmobil Magazine, so it is it’s first release to a general set.

At Christmas there will be a new Horse Farm Advent Calendar, and that one has three new additions in it. One more pony colt, as well as a new pony color and a new color of horse colt.

In the 1 2 3 line there are two new theme directions towards adventure. Pirates and Dinosaurs, neither of which has been done before I don’t think. In the past 123 has been mainly equivalent to Modern or City Life themes and hasn’t moved into the more adventure areas. With the pirates there is a red 123 bird painted up to look like a parrot, and a sea turtle.

And three great new dinosaurs

That’s it for new things from Toy Fair. There may as always be some small ones that have been missed, if you find any do let me know. Sometimes we can’t be certain until part numbers and instructions come out, but additions and changes will be noted here when they are confirmed. There will be another post next week with the other changes made in this week’s Animobil update. Until then, thanks for reading – Tiermann



Animobil Update January 2017

One new addition, a few new part numbers and a few new pictures for the main Animobil site today, plus a small update to the Figures pages.

New part numbers:

Goat Kid White 2 is 30 66 9963

Husky 2 is 30 66 6673

Polar Bear 3 is 30 66 6653

Polar Bear Cub 3 is 30 66 6663

Kitten Standing White 2 is 30 62 5445

The new addition is a Small Wyvern type 3 in red and orange, from Playmobil Magazine 5/2016 out now in Germany.

New pictures are the three Roncalli Circus horses plus their group shots:

For the Figures pages two new figures have been added. These are the Multiplay Man and Woman that has been the give away from Playmobil Germany for larger online orders this last year.  Set numbers are 6528 for the Woman and 6529 for the Man. Each makes three possible figures using just the one provided head and hair.

That’s it for the current updates. Next major update will be at the time of the Nuremberg Toy Fair when the new sets for 2017 are released to the press. Thanks as always for reading – Tiermann

Shields Update

Squeezing in a last minute update for 2016. In the January/February issue of Playmobil Magazine in Germany there is a new shield – the red and yellow with black dragon but on a rough copper colored shield.

Here are the other new images added this update for shields:

Also updated was the first page of Caparison, with slightly adjusted images for 1 and 2 and an all new image finally for number 3 the Color White version. Still missing from that one is the white and silver lance, but the rest is there finally.

An Animobil update is coming in the new year with a few part numbers and three new images. Happy New Year everyone and thanks as always for reading – Tiermann