New Animals for Summer

This is turning into the 4th biggest year for new animal variations ever. There have been a number of new additions in the latest update, all thanks to the help of collecting friends.

First up are new additions coming from the release in Greece of a new series of Greek Gods sets. There are 4 in the series but only 2 seem to have new animals in them.

From Hermes 9524 is this snake walking stick in gold, an old mold not seen in a long time

From Poseidon 9523 every animal in the set is a new color of an old mold.

The other big batch of new colors comes from the Zirndorf Funpark where the assortment for the Shell Game has changed again this year. Thanks to Jennifer for letting me know and providing great photos of the assortment, and two new clam shell box colors as well.

Here is a photo of the full assortment

Detail shots of the new variations

the two clam boxes, a slightly different dark pink and a dark purple

New in the current issue of Playmobil Magazine in Germany is a Tyranosaurus Rex baby in a brighter green. Shown here and in a comparison photo thanks to Jonas at

Also from Jonas come these other photos of items not shown in ‘real’ pictures on the site before, and a few horses in unpainted variation

From Bob there are photos of the How to Train Your Dragons theme white sheep, and the newest shield type from the same theme.

The shield is similar to the old Viking shield with the center boss, but lacks the round indent for helping place stickers, it also has bumps or bosses along the outside edge it seems. Clearly a new mold.

Finally thanks to StJohn and Playmofamily there is this blue mouse. It comes from an exhibition taking place now through September at Maximilianpark Hamm in Germany. From the mouse molding machine we have seen at past shows like the ones at Speyer,

Here are all the currently known mice

To finish up here is a current view of the chart showing how many new animal variations have been released each year.

There have been 79 so far this year, with more possible at the tail end of the year with the winter releases. Current known total is 1447, based on the way I have been counting. Your number may vary depending on what you do and don’t include.

Thanks for reading, and have a great summer! – Tiermann


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