Some New Animals Plus Photos

Lots of new photos this update. The Dinos are here from The Explorers theme plus a big box came from Germany thanks to Daniela. First up there have been some new additions not previously mentioned.

In the 9331 Pony Map set there is a type 2 rabbit sitting in grey, the first appearance for this color in this pose. Part number 30 63 3515

In the 9330 Fairy Map there is the expected indigo blue frog, but also a new swan. The plastic is a translucent type also used for the new deer fawn in white. Swan part numbers are 30 06 8642 for the body and 30 06 8652 for the wings

Also in that set is a small purple crouching rabbit. It looks to have the same number as the old version but this one is a slightly different color and has the hole on the bottom common to the updated small rabbit mold.

Also new, from the Easter Egg 9418 is the baby grey seal with painted eyes and nose, part number 30 64 3764

Two new variants that are available from the Parts Department in Germany are this unicorn with the opposite maned head from the first one of the type on Animobil, and the German Shepherd puppy playing in plain tan that has it’s own number 30 23 7692

Other new images by theme.

From the new The Explorers theme the dinosaurs out now world wide

From the Dwarf theme the draft ponies

From the Ice Princesses 3D theme the white fox and fawn

and the new animals from the Pet Hotel theme

The multi-part poodle

That’s it for this update. The German Add-Ons catalog is out now and the sets will be released June 1. Looks to be many re-releases of animals but no new molds or colors that I have noticed so far. There are a few new shields though, so those will be in the next update.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann




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