Octopus Update Plus

A small update today. The new Ghost Busters sets are out and the octopus 30 07 1132 in set 9387 is indeed a totally new one. It uses the old mold but has blue eyes and is a darker color changing red than the old color changing version. When put in hot water it goes more clear than the previous version as well. It is in fact the same plastic as on the baby octopus released with the Aqua Park theme.

Here are the heat shifted color version of the baby and the older type

The other image addition was the dark brown lying fawn from the Figures 13 series.

Some updates were done on existing animals adding in new sets they appear in, and there are a few new part numbers.

123 Fish Group 60 65 7260

123 Penguin 60 65 7300

Velociraptor in 9435 is 30 67 4783

The blue octopus toy in 9422 has the numbers 30 07 5362 for the base, 30 07 5372 for the top and returning the 30 64 0234 part for the eyes and 30 80 1652 for the squeeze bulb.

That’s it for this update. Next one will be either the new dinosaur sets or some recent animals from sets released in Germany but not the US yet. Whichever arrives first. Thanks for reading – Tiermann


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