Shields for 2018

Here is the shields site update finally. I am just going to go through all the known planned shields for the year. Some may have been shown before in previews.

First up is the big theme for shields this year the Dwarf warriors theme available now. From the sets are these shields including the large two man shield shown first.


An unexpectedly interesting item from this theme is the kite shield in solver. The printing is such that when held in a more reflective light the image changes. In regular lighting it is a male bearded face and in the more reflective mode it shows a female face.

Also related to the Dwarf theme is the Playmobil Magazine in Germany February release that has a differently colored version of one of the Dwarf shields, this time with gold print.

In Figures Series 13 available now in Europe there is this oddly painted shield. The text is very Germanic and I do not know what it refers to?

Coming up later in the year in Series 14 of the Figures will be this crown heraldry shield.

In the second Dreamworks Dragons series there will be one wooden looking shield that is used as a seat back on one of the dragons

And finally, available now from the German Police SEK Unit theme is this riot shield

I want to give a special Thanks to Bob in Germany for his help with the shields for this year.

A few small additions to animals will be made the next update.

Thanks as always for reading – Tiermann

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