Playmobil New Releases 2018

Here are the rest of the new animals for 2018 announced at Toy Fair. The 2018 catalog is online at and some other national sites, and pictures of most themes are up on the site as well.

Released this week and available now in Germany is a new Pet Hotel theme. The one new species with it is the Hamster.

Online photos by people who already have it show it cuter than it looks in the product photos. Also in the theme is a poodle in a mobile pet salon set that has the fluffy fur parts removable.

Other new animal colors are a pink cockatoo and a mouse in orange as a toy in the cats set.

There are new 123 zoo themed sets, but the only new animals in those is a penguin and a group of fish

There are a couple of limited release sets, a police plane and some poacher types – but the new animal in the jetboat poacher set is a dinosaur, the velociraptor in dark flimmer blue from the looks of the photos.

There are four themes that each have only one new animal coloration in each.

From the school there is a trilobite in silver

From the new Super 4 sets there is a dragonfly that is plain without the paint seen previously

From the summer holiday theme there is the octopus toy now in turquoise blue

From the Christmas theme the reindeer now in brown

There is a second release series for the How to Train Your Dragon licensed theme. Three new dragons plus a black and a white sheep in the show style.

There is a new licensed theme this year as well, also a Dreamworks product. It is Spirit Riding Free, an animated television show about girls and horses. There are three named character horses, plus a couple of new paints for draft horses.

The last big theme for animals this year is Magic, which is a Winter based theme linked to the four 3D App sets mentioned in the last post. Lots of nice new colors plus a Phoenix in blue

So that’s 48 new animals announced for this year so far, with perhaps a few more when the Add-ons are announced at the end of May. Did I miss any? Let me know. There is a possibility the white rabbits in the Magic theme may have different colored eyes – blue – but too hard to tell yet, we will find out when they are eventually released.

Shields will hopefully get an update next week or the week after. There are perhaps three new ones for sure – a riot shield with the police, one in the Hookfang HTTYD set, and a shield with the Magic theme.


That’s it for this update, thanks for reading – Tiermann

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