New Old Variations

Happy 2018!

Finishing up on old business I am posting here about a few new additions to the list of animals added in the last update of 2017. All of them are thanks to the sharp eyes and help of other collectors.

Thanks to a post by Cooster on Facebook I found out that there was an extra dark brown cow in the UK from the Playpeople line. GrahamB found one and also a calf in the same dark brown color and acquired them, then sent one of each along to me to add to Animobil. Thanks Graham and Cooster for helping me find a new and interesting very old variation! These are probably from early releases in the UK in 1976-8 or so. The cow is the three udder version with the letter B on one side. The calf also has the B brand.

Also in old variations is this early solid dog version in true black. It was brought to my attention by Eddy. It is from Japan and was released as part of the Meiji promotional line in the Police Officer bagged set. Time period is around 1984-6. I am guessing this one will be super hard to find, If anyone ends up with an extra please let me know.

The glow in the dark clam shell box has been definitively tracked down to set 5028 Mermaids Crystal Palace a limited release set from Germany in 2012. I had added the obvious animals in that set some time ago, but missed the shell box. I had also missed a coral that is in a unique color also only found in that set. It is a lovely dark purple. This was tracked down by Buecherwurm, and she has one of the boxes on the way to me. Next to find the coral. The glow int he dark shell part number is 30 21 0793 and the coral is 30 25 3552

Also thanks to the Buecherwurm the original mold of squirrels has been found in dark brown. This must have come from the earliest production of 4467 in 2007. That was the first appearance ever of the brown squirrel. Normally the squirrels in that set are the new mold but they must at some point have used the old molds for at least a while.

So some interesting and hard to find variants to start off the new year. It seems even after a decade of collecting and running Animobil there are still new things to learn about the animals Playmobil has released over the years.

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for reading – Tiermann

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