Animals and Shields

Small updates today to both the Animals and Shields sections.

In animals there are a couple of changes to the expected additions from the 9324 Mermaid Carry Case. The gold seahorse turns out to be the same as the previous gold seahorse. I had expected it to be a different gold but comparisons in hand show it to be the same. So that part number is now associated with the old gold seahorse as well. The white clamshell box however turns out to be new. It is a brighter more pure white color than the old ones. The old ones were a little off-white and had a green iridescence when seen in person. The new ones lacks the green tone.

Also unexpected, the purple coral piece is a darker purple than previously seen. It has the same part number though, so has been added as a color variation rather than something new.

The one part that was as expected is the new blue color for the shell ornament piece

In the Shields section the image for the magazine Dwarf shield was updated

A shield was added from the Antex 9300 Indian set as well

Thanks to Bob in Germany for both of those images.

I finally opened the 2017 PCC annual figure gift the 9297 Don Quixote set and the shield seems to be unique. The outer part is a dark anthracite metallic grey/silver color. Not black as previous versions of this shield have often been.

Hard to see in photos, but in person it is evident.

That’s it for this little update. Next will be the Figures series 13 that is finally arriving in the US. Thanks for reading – Tiermann



2018 Animal Additions

A few new things have come to my attention and have been added with today’s update.

In the big 9275 Pet Hotel set the golden retriever has a new number. Looks like maybe a new paint variation. We will see when one ends up in hand. It has it’s own page for now.

Also from the Pet Hotel series is this kitten from set 9276 with new eye paint

Also in kittens, from the Easter Egg 9417 there is a new part number for the single standing black kitten 30 20 5193

From Specials Plus the 9438 set has a new color variation of the type two baby unicorn

The 9324 Mermaids Carry Case set has instructions online now and there is one certain new color variation and up to three others based on part numbers.

For certain is the hair ornament shell in blue

Highly probably new is the seahorse in gold. The last gold seahorse was in the old gold they don’t use any more. So this one is probably in new gold and therefore called light gold by me so far.

Two other possibilities in that set are the white clam box with a new part number, and the blue starfish that had not had a known number before. I will get the set soon and will confirm those when I can compare them in person.

While looking at seahorses I noticed that there are two color variations on the light purple small seahorse.

The one on the right is the usual one from sets, the one on the left came from the Funpark. The lighter one on the right also came from the Funpark though so I am placing them together under the known part number for now. I have unopened bags from the Funpark with the same assortment having the lighter one in one and the darker in another.

Finally here is the German Shepherd new style in plain tan. It was bought online from a reseller in a group of 4 and is probably a factory escapee. Could just be the regular one unpainted. It actually looks great and would make a nice release in the future, but it hasn’t been in a set yet. Thanks to Elizabeth for pointing them out to me.

We are now at 47 new animals for 2018 including planned unreleased ones, and 1420 total. There is a variant on one of the unicorns to be added yet I will get to next update and new info will be added as I hear about things.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Playmobil New Releases 2018

Here are the rest of the new animals for 2018 announced at Toy Fair. The 2018 catalog is online at and some other national sites, and pictures of most themes are up on the site as well.

Released this week and available now in Germany is a new Pet Hotel theme. The one new species with it is the Hamster.

Online photos by people who already have it show it cuter than it looks in the product photos. Also in the theme is a poodle in a mobile pet salon set that has the fluffy fur parts removable.

Other new animal colors are a pink cockatoo and a mouse in orange as a toy in the cats set.

There are new 123 zoo themed sets, but the only new animals in those is a penguin and a group of fish

There are a couple of limited release sets, a police plane and some poacher types – but the new animal in the jetboat poacher set is a dinosaur, the velociraptor in dark flimmer blue from the looks of the photos.

There are four themes that each have only one new animal coloration in each.

From the school there is a trilobite in silver

From the new Super 4 sets there is a dragonfly that is plain without the paint seen previously

From the summer holiday theme there is the octopus toy now in turquoise blue

From the Christmas theme the reindeer now in brown

There is a second release series for the How to Train Your Dragon licensed theme. Three new dragons plus a black and a white sheep in the show style.

There is a new licensed theme this year as well, also a Dreamworks product. It is Spirit Riding Free, an animated television show about girls and horses. There are three named character horses, plus a couple of new paints for draft horses.

The last big theme for animals this year is Magic, which is a Winter based theme linked to the four 3D App sets mentioned in the last post. Lots of nice new colors plus a Phoenix in blue

So that’s 48 new animals announced for this year so far, with perhaps a few more when the Add-ons are announced at the end of May. Did I miss any? Let me know. There is a possibility the white rabbits in the Magic theme may have different colored eyes – blue – but too hard to tell yet, we will find out when they are eventually released.

Shields will hopefully get an update next week or the week after. There are perhaps three new ones for sure – a riot shield with the police, one in the Hookfang HTTYD set, and a shield with the Magic theme.


That’s it for this update, thanks for reading – Tiermann

A Few New Release Animals

A few new animals now out in Germany

From a new series of Winter themed Magic sets with 3D phone interaction come a white fawn and a white fox. Both have blue snowflake print on their sides.

In the Shopping theme there is a wooden display horse. A bit of a stretch for Animobil but I have included it anyway.

That’s it for the current update. With the PCC gone there is now nothing keeping people from broadly sharing leaked images, so many of the 2018 sets have been showing up on the public discussion forums. I will post about them here when they show up on one of the company websites or media outlets confirming they are official. The new Super 4 sets have been shown in the French online catalog, but no new animals in that theme this year.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann

US Playmobil Catalog 2018

The 2018 catalog for the US is on the website now. Located here.

The big news for animals is that there will be a new Dinosaur series this year released in the US. This is a surprise since this is the first public view of this series, it hasn’t even been shown in Germany yet. It’s recolors of the existing molds, no new species. The colors are good though and it will be worth getting if you are a dino fan.

One missed one that has been seen in the last German catalog is the brown fawn from the Series 13 Figures.

There are two new carry boxes, each with a new color animal in it. From the Winter Princess Carry Box is the white fox.

From the Egyptian Tomb Carry Box is a turquoise spider, the newer smaller size

There is also a Haunted House set, and it too has a new spider – red.

There are two uncertain ones this time. They may just be older animals re-released, or they might be new. Hard to tell from the photos. The first is in the Ghostbusters theme, an octopus. It could be color mixes red and yellow – or it could be the color shifting type that changes in water.

The other one is a coral that could be a new yellow, or the old dark yellow that has been released before. We won’t know on either of these until they show up.

In shields there are two new ones. From Figures series 13

and from Figures series 14

I think that’s it for this catalog. If you see something I may have missed please let me know.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann



New Old Variations

Happy 2018!

Finishing up on old business I am posting here about a few new additions to the list of animals added in the last update of 2017. All of them are thanks to the sharp eyes and help of other collectors.

Thanks to a post by Cooster on Facebook I found out that there was an extra dark brown cow in the UK from the Playpeople line. GrahamB found one and also a calf in the same dark brown color and acquired them, then sent one of each along to me to add to Animobil. Thanks Graham and Cooster for helping me find a new and interesting very old variation! These are probably from early releases in the UK in 1976-8 or so. The cow is the three udder version with the letter B on one side. The calf also has the B brand.

Also in old variations is this early solid dog version in true black. It was brought to my attention by Eddy. It is from Japan and was released as part of the Meiji promotional line in the Police Officer bagged set. Time period is around 1984-6. I am guessing this one will be super hard to find, If anyone ends up with an extra please let me know.

The glow in the dark clam shell box has been definitively tracked down to set 5028 Mermaids Crystal Palace a limited release set from Germany in 2012. I had added the obvious animals in that set some time ago, but missed the shell box. I had also missed a coral that is in a unique color also only found in that set. It is a lovely dark purple. This was tracked down by Buecherwurm, and she has one of the boxes on the way to me. Next to find the coral. The glow int he dark shell part number is 30 21 0793 and the coral is 30 25 3552

Also thanks to the Buecherwurm the original mold of squirrels has been found in dark brown. This must have come from the earliest production of 4467 in 2007. That was the first appearance ever of the brown squirrel. Normally the squirrels in that set are the new mold but they must at some point have used the old molds for at least a while.

So some interesting and hard to find variants to start off the new year. It seems even after a decade of collecting and running Animobil there are still new things to learn about the animals Playmobil has released over the years.

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for reading – Tiermann