Year End Playmobil 2018

The year end Playmobil catalog has been released online, and detailed photos of the new sets are up at

Only 4 new animals have been noticed so far, all to be released in December.

From the new Super Set 70010 is this large lying rabbit in tan all by itself, not part of the typical three poses. Might be the beige rather than usual tan as well.

From a limited edition Fairy theme set 70000 comes this baby dolphin in white

The bigger theme released in December will be another round of Top Agents, this time aquatic themed and including these two robot fish from sets 70003 and 70005

That looks like it. No more animals in the early 2019 City themed sets, or any new shields.

Animobil hasn’t been updated with these yet, but that’s coming soon. I have had a busy early August and have a bunch of animals to take photos of and other minor changes to make. Updates on the way over the next month.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann


New Animals for Summer

This is turning into the 4th biggest year for new animal variations ever. There have been a number of new additions in the latest update, all thanks to the help of collecting friends.

First up are new additions coming from the release in Greece of a new series of Greek Gods sets. There are 4 in the series but only 2 seem to have new animals in them.

From Hermes 9524 is this snake walking stick in gold, an old mold not seen in a long time

From Poseidon 9523 every animal in the set is a new color of an old mold.

The other big batch of new colors comes from the Zirndorf Funpark where the assortment for the Shell Game has changed again this year. Thanks to Jennifer for letting me know and providing great photos of the assortment, and two new clam shell box colors as well.

Here is a photo of the full assortment

Detail shots of the new variations

the two clam boxes, a slightly different dark pink and a dark purple

New in the current issue of Playmobil Magazine in Germany is a Tyranosaurus Rex baby in a brighter green. Shown here and in a comparison photo thanks to Jonas at

Also from Jonas come these other photos of items not shown in ‘real’ pictures on the site before, and a few horses in unpainted variation

From Bob there are photos of the How to Train Your Dragons theme white sheep, and the newest shield type from the same theme.

The shield is similar to the old Viking shield with the center boss, but lacks the round indent for helping place stickers, it also has bumps or bosses along the outside edge it seems. Clearly a new mold.

Finally thanks to StJohn and Playmofamily there is this blue mouse. It comes from an exhibition taking place now through September at Maximilianpark Hamm in Germany. From the mouse molding machine we have seen at past shows like the ones at Speyer,

Here are all the currently known mice

To finish up here is a current view of the chart showing how many new animal variations have been released each year.

There have been 79 so far this year, with more possible at the tail end of the year with the winter releases. Current known total is 1447, based on the way I have been counting. Your number may vary depending on what you do and don’t include.

Thanks for reading, and have a great summer! – Tiermann


Shields Update

An image update thanks to photos from Bob in Germany. Here are new photos of the new shields from Add-Ons 2018. There is also a new part number for the anthracite outer part of the two part shield from set 6590 Gladiators, it is the same shield as in the 2017 PCC Figure. Outer part is 30 07 1772 and  inner is 30 07 6510

Here are the new images

Also update was the small clear round buckler with a different photo from Bob


Thanks for reading – Tiermann

New Shields from Add-Ons 2018

The new German Add-Ons catalog is out and as expected there are no new animals or animal variations. All of the new sets with animals in them have had the part numbers checked on the available instructions and nothing new.

There are four new shields this year though. Two each in the Dwarf and Roman Gladiator figure add on three packs.

From the Dwarfs set 6588 is the Viking plain color shield in what appears to be a lighter purple, item number 30 64 8005

Also from 6588 is the asymmetric dragon wing shield, item number 30 64 6995

From the Roman Gladiators three pack of figures set 6590 is this center boss type shield in brown, item number 30 64 8025

from the same set is this cat heraldry shield in the old knight heater style, item number 30 64 8015

There is always the possibility of a surprise, but that looks like it for Animobil additions from the add-ons this year. Thanks to Bob for help with the catalog photos. Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Some New Animals Plus Photos

Lots of new photos this update. The Dinos are here from The Explorers theme plus a big box came from Germany thanks to Daniela. First up there have been some new additions not previously mentioned.

In the 9331 Pony Map set there is a type 2 rabbit sitting in grey, the first appearance for this color in this pose. Part number 30 63 3515

In the 9330 Fairy Map there is the expected indigo blue frog, but also a new swan. The plastic is a translucent type also used for the new deer fawn in white. Swan part numbers are 30 06 8642 for the body and 30 06 8652 for the wings

Also in that set is a small purple crouching rabbit. It looks to have the same number as the old version but this one is a slightly different color and has the hole on the bottom common to the updated small rabbit mold.

Also new, from the Easter Egg 9418 is the baby grey seal with painted eyes and nose, part number 30 64 3764

Two new variants that are available from the Parts Department in Germany are this unicorn with the opposite maned head from the first one of the type on Animobil, and the German Shepherd puppy playing in plain tan that has it’s own number 30 23 7692

Other new images by theme.

From the new The Explorers theme the dinosaurs out now world wide

From the Dwarf theme the draft ponies

From the Ice Princesses 3D theme the white fox and fawn

and the new animals from the Pet Hotel theme

The multi-part poodle

That’s it for this update. The German Add-Ons catalog is out now and the sets will be released June 1. Looks to be many re-releases of animals but no new molds or colors that I have noticed so far. There are a few new shields though, so those will be in the next update.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann




Octopus Update Plus

A small update today. The new Ghost Busters sets are out and the octopus 30 07 1132 in set 9387 is indeed a totally new one. It uses the old mold but has blue eyes and is a darker color changing red than the old color changing version. When put in hot water it goes more clear than the previous version as well. It is in fact the same plastic as on the baby octopus released with the Aqua Park theme.

Here are the heat shifted color version of the baby and the older type

The other image addition was the dark brown lying fawn from the Figures 13 series.

Some updates were done on existing animals adding in new sets they appear in, and there are a few new part numbers.

123 Fish Group 60 65 7260

123 Penguin 60 65 7300

Velociraptor in 9435 is 30 67 4783

The blue octopus toy in 9422 has the numbers 30 07 5362 for the base, 30 07 5372 for the top and returning the 30 64 0234 part for the eyes and 30 80 1652 for the squeeze bulb.

That’s it for this update. Next one will be either the new dinosaur sets or some recent animals from sets released in Germany but not the US yet. Whichever arrives first. Thanks for reading – Tiermann


Figures Series 13

Figures 13 is now on the Figures pages. A great series with a number of great and unique figures this time.

That’s it for April. Next update will be for a few animals including the dark brown deer fawn from the Figures series 13. Worldwide release of the new Playmobil Dinosaur theme will be next month. Hopefully they will all be posted by the end of the month. Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Animals and Shields

Small updates today to both the Animals and Shields sections.

In animals there are a couple of changes to the expected additions from the 9324 Mermaid Carry Case. The gold seahorse turns out to be the same as the previous gold seahorse. I had expected it to be a different gold but comparisons in hand show it to be the same. So that part number is now associated with the old gold seahorse as well. The white clamshell box however turns out to be new. It is a brighter more pure white color than the old ones. The old ones were a little off-white and had a green iridescence when seen in person. The new ones lacks the green tone.

Also unexpected, the purple coral piece is a darker purple than previously seen. It has the same part number though, so has been added as a color variation rather than something new.

The one part that was as expected is the new blue color for the shell ornament piece

In the Shields section the image for the magazine Dwarf shield was updated

A shield was added from the Antex 9300 Indian set as well

Thanks to Bob in Germany for both of those images.

I finally opened the 2017 PCC annual figure gift the 9297 Don Quixote set and the shield seems to be unique. The outer part is a dark anthracite metallic grey/silver color. Not black as previous versions of this shield have often been.

Hard to see in photos, but in person it is evident.

That’s it for this little update. Next will be the Figures series 13 that is finally arriving in the US. Thanks for reading – Tiermann



2018 Animal Additions

A few new things have come to my attention and have been added with today’s update.

In the big 9275 Pet Hotel set the golden retriever has a new number. Looks like maybe a new paint variation. We will see when one ends up in hand. It has it’s own page for now.

Also from the Pet Hotel series is this kitten from set 9276 with new eye paint

Also in kittens, from the Easter Egg 9417 there is a new part number for the single standing black kitten 30 20 5193

From Specials Plus the 9438 set has a new color variation of the type two baby unicorn

The 9324 Mermaids Carry Case set has instructions online now and there is one certain new color variation and up to three others based on part numbers.

For certain is the hair ornament shell in blue

Highly probably new is the seahorse in gold. The last gold seahorse was in the old gold they don’t use any more. So this one is probably in new gold and therefore called light gold by me so far.

Two other possibilities in that set are the white clam box with a new part number, and the blue starfish that had not had a known number before. I will get the set soon and will confirm those when I can compare them in person.

While looking at seahorses I noticed that there are two color variations on the light purple small seahorse.

The one on the right is the usual one from sets, the one on the left came from the Funpark. The lighter one on the right also came from the Funpark though so I am placing them together under the known part number for now. I have unopened bags from the Funpark with the same assortment having the lighter one in one and the darker in another.

Finally here is the German Shepherd new style in plain tan. It was bought online from a reseller in a group of 4 and is probably a factory escapee. Could just be the regular one unpainted. It actually looks great and would make a nice release in the future, but it hasn’t been in a set yet. Thanks to Elizabeth for pointing them out to me.

We are now at 47 new animals for 2018 including planned unreleased ones, and 1420 total. There is a variant on one of the unicorns to be added yet I will get to next update and new info will be added as I hear about things.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann