Figures Series 13

Figures 13 is now on the Figures pages. A great series with a number of great and unique figures this time.

That’s it for April. Next update will be for a few animals including the dark brown deer fawn from the Figures series 13. Worldwide release of the new Playmobil Dinosaur theme will be next month. Hopefully they will all be posted by the end of the month. Thanks for reading – Tiermann

US Playmobil Catalog 2018

The 2018 catalog for the US is on the website now. Located here.

The big news for animals is that there will be a new Dinosaur series this year released in the US. This is a surprise since this is the first public view of this series, it hasn’t even been shown in Germany yet. It’s recolors of the existing molds, no new species. The colors are good though and it will be worth getting if you are a dino fan.

One missed one that has been seen in the last German catalog is the brown fawn from the Series 13 Figures.

There are two new carry boxes, each with a new color animal in it. From the Winter Princess Carry Box is the white fox.

From the Egyptian Tomb Carry Box is a turquoise spider, the newer smaller size

There is also a Haunted House set, and it too has a new spider – red.

There are two uncertain ones this time. They may just be older animals re-released, or they might be new. Hard to tell from the photos. The first is in the Ghostbusters theme, an octopus. It could be color mixes red and yellow – or it could be the color shifting type that changes in water.

The other one is a coral that could be a new yellow, or the old dark yellow that has been released before. We won’t know on either of these until they show up.

In shields there are two new ones. From Figures series 13

and from Figures series 14

I think that’s it for this catalog. If you see something I may have missed please let me know.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann



Figures 12 Updated Plus New Multiplay Figures

The Figures 12 update is finally complete with detailed photos of all the figures in the series. In addition, I have added the two Multiplay figures that are the giveaways in Germany from this last year. They should be showing up as gifts in the export markets this next year. They are numbered 6566 for the Male set and 6567 for the Female.

Also in Figures news over at it looks like one of the Figures from series 13 has already leaked out – the Biplane Pilot. Looks great, those should be released in Germany in January or so. April for us in the US usually.

Next update will be animals with the recent acquisitions from Germany.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Small Update to Shields and Figures

Just a small update, the shield from the Figures 12 series for the Shields site, and the group photos for 12 on the Figures site. Individual Figures Series 12 photos are on the way but won’t make it until some time next month. Also coming will be some more animal photos since my most recent box arrived from Germany (Thanks Daniela and Natalie!)

Figures Series 11 Updated

Fi?ures Series 11 has been uploaded to the site now. This is a great group of figures. There are a few minor quibbles – that pink wand for the sexy witch in the Girls series is an odd color choice – would have been better in silver or gold. The scepter/wand of the pink snow princess is a fantastic sparkle clear though, so that balances out I guess.

A super strong series, unfortunately Series 12 that will be out later this year is very weak with many exact duplicates of previous figures – and not the most popular ones even.

Lots of individual photos of Series 11 at the Figures Site

Next site update will be the 2017 add-on sets linked and some new group photos.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Animobil Update January 2017

One new addition, a few new part numbers and a few new pictures for the main Animobil site today, plus a small update to the Figures pages.

New part numbers:

Goat Kid White 2 is 30 66 9963

Husky 2 is 30 66 6673

Polar Bear 3 is 30 66 6653

Polar Bear Cub 3 is 30 66 6663

Kitten Standing White 2 is 30 62 5445

The new addition is a Small Wyvern type 3 in red and orange, from Playmobil Magazine 5/2016 out now in Germany.

New pictures are the three Roncalli Circus horses plus their group shots:

For the Figures pages two new figures have been added. These are the Multiplay Man and Woman that has been the give away from Playmobil Germany for larger online orders this last year.  Set numbers are 6528 for the Woman and 6529 for the Man. Each makes three possible figures using just the one provided head and hair.

That’s it for the current updates. Next major update will be at the time of the Nuremberg Toy Fair when the new sets for 2017 are released to the press. Thanks as always for reading – Tiermann

Figures 9 and Site Updates

With this update I have moved the Figures Series section from the Shields and Heraldry directory to their own page set. They are now at


The old Figures page redirects automatically if you had it bookmarked, but anything other than the main page will put you into the old version of the site and not the current one. Those pages will eventually be deleted, so please update any bookmarks.

Here they are – Figures Series 9

boys9 girls9

Generally a strong group, as strong as Series 8. All the usual individual images are available at the main Figures pages linked above.

Also updated along with the Figures move are the Links pages on each site section. Klickypedia has been added and a couple of defunct discussion boards removed.

One new shield addition this update, from Series 9


There is one new animal update as well, a new image for the tan goat kid


That’s it for this weekend’s updates. Not much on the horizon unless some of the newer zoo sets get released early in the US this year. Enjoy the rest of Autumn, and thanks for reading – Tiermann

Shields Update with Fi?ures 8

The Shields section has been updated with a few new entries, some new photos, and the entire Figures Series 8.

In totally new entries there are the following shields the upcoming Super 4 theme


no known part number, from set 6696


This one is a new shape called Colossus after the set name, it is 30 24 4723 for the shield and 30 82 0124  for the sticker sheet


This one is 30 64 3364

Also added was this one from the add on that had been missed previously, 30 63 1414 from 6375


Other new images this update:

30635494 30635664 5596b 30635224 30635514 30635714 30635504 30635214 5596a 30635924 5596c


This update also included the Figures Series 8, which had a rather delayed release here in the US. Here are the group shots, they can all be found at Series 8 Page


Generally one of their best releases so far. The Boys are all great as are most of the Girls. The only disappointment is the Bunny Lady. I really like the bunny people but she is just an exact replica of a previously released figure from that series. They should have done something different in colors at least.

That’s it for this update. Thanks for reading – Tiermann


Fi?ures Series 7

Series 7 is finally updated to the Figures section at the Shields & Heraldry site.

A nice assortment this time, especially the Girls series with some great new figures there.

boys7 girls7

The series is available in shops worldwide right now. Series 8 and 9 have been announced for 2015 though images wont be available until after Toyfair, unless you are a Playmobil Collector’s Club member where the catalog is available for early download. Klickywelt members may also get a chance to see them early as leaked catalogs tend to get posted there ahead of official release.