Shields Update

A small Shields section update. Thanks to Don for pointing out that the Super 4 Wolf warrior figure available from Quick restaurants in France has a new shield variant – the Wolf Shield with a white background instead of the grey/silver

I also updated the Caparison page again with the Color caparison number 3 now having the correct white lance. Here it is big

that’s it for this little update. There is one more shield out there not shown yet – the ships wheel shield from the latest series of Playmo Friends figures. I will post it when I get a good photo.

Thanks for reading – Tiermann

Shields Update

Squeezing in a last minute update for 2016. In the January/February issue of Playmobil Magazine in Germany there is a new shield – the red and yellow with black dragon but on a rough copper colored shield.

Here are the other new images added this update for shields:

Also updated was the first page of Caparison, with slightly adjusted images for 1 and 2 and an all new image finally for number 3 the Color White version. Still missing from that one is the white and silver lance, but the rest is there finally.

An Animobil update is coming in the new year with a few part numbers and three new images. Happy New Year everyone and thanks as always for reading – Tiermann

November Update

A small update for the Shields site to start out November.

Thanks to Don once again for pointing out a few missing shields. There are two variations of the old Viking shields that had color differences on the stickers. They have both been added now:

30897160a 30897170-4

Also added is a variation of the jewel centered shield. The one in the old Pirate Island set 5134 is made of the newest glossy gold plastic rather than the lighter gold plastic of the previous version. It also has an odd part number – 35 20 5072 which is the same as the old version just with a 35 starting number.


Finally we have the new Greek face shield from the Athena set 9150. This set is one of this year’s two Play & Give sets exclusively available in Greece. The other set is Zeus who does not come with a shield.

9150 9150

This one is in that same glossy gold.

That’s it for this update. Thanks for reading – Tiermann

September Update

Both the Shields and the regular Animobil pages have been updated today.

On the shields page there are two new additions. In the April 2016 issue of Super 4 Magazine there is this new shield, thanks to Don for pointing it out.


The other new addition is from the History Books Series being put out by deAgostini. It is in the Indian Empire issue.

2016IndianEmpire indiaemp1 indiaemp2

Also in this update is the new child’s shield for the Egyptian series, the print is just a little crooked on this one.


The Roman child’s shield is identical to the previous version so far. While it shows in the promo images as having white, the one from the bagged set I got was the same as my previous one. The page has been combined together for now.

Here is the image for the axe type shield with the blue axe pattern


One other thing in shield news – the part number for the new Roman Scutum type shield is 30 64 4184.

For animals there are just some group image updates with a few other random images. No news yet. If you are a PCC member be sure to check out the latest exclusive catalog download where there is more to see about what’s coming up in 2017. No official public news until late January on that though, so no additional updates about it until then.

swallows chickens1 owls816 123birds clams816 deer816 bat hydras tigers816 kittens816 marsupials816 kangaroocomp scorpions816 spiders 123chickens falcons816

That’s it for this update. Thanks as always for reading – Tiermann


Shields Update

First up in the update is a part number – the old Indian shield that was recently in the Figures series has a known number now, it is 30 64 0420 this replaces the former name 3732 b.


Newly added images thanks to Don – the Color Heater from the promo color bagged knight, and a good image of the color small heater.

colorheater 3624

Noticed by Don, the ax head shield in blue and black part number 30 63 3623 was previously missing, a placeholder has been added.


Also added thanks to Don is a new section for a shield type made by Lyra. Lyra was the early licensee in Greece, and had their own molds. This shield mold is probably only from the 1970s in Greece. Red version was in set 4104 and grey version in set 4108

Lyra-4104 Lyra-4104plus3080150Lyra-4108sticker Lyra-4108

That’s it for this update. Thanks for reading – Tiermann

New Funpark Shells, a Crab, and a Shield

Thanks to Jennifer and Gis there are photos of the newest colors of shell box available from the Funpark in Zirndorf. They are a dark pink, and a new darker turquoise color.

Here is the dark pink that Jennifer got at the Funpark recently.

shelldkpinkjen pinkshellcompjen

Here on the far right next to the dark pink is the turquoise box that Gis found at a collectors show.


It’s more blue than the green box previously seen. Kerstin from the PCC was able to confirm for me that the dark pink is the only new color this year, and that some of the turquoise are still available also. Thanks to Jennifer, Gis and Kerstin for their help!

From Figures Series 10 Girls set, the crab with the fisher woman does in fact seem to be a new color combo. Dimitri had brought this up when they were first released in Europe but I had to wait until opening a number of the sets to confirm it. Now that I have it is clear that this version of the crab has a red base to it with a little yellow swirled in at the edges – a different color combo than the previously known yellow-orange swirl crab. No known part number for it at this point.

crabredyellow crabsswirlcomp

A new shield was spotted by Don. It is in the set 6179, the smaller unicorn carry set. It is a different color from the dark purple that was in the larger version of that set.

30023412 30023412and30808053

The color actually looks to be about the same as that shell box.  Thanks to Don for pointing that out.

That;s it for this update. All of the previous updates have been completed on Animobil at this point. Next will be the Figures Series 10 that I have in hand and am working on the photos of now. Thanks as always for reading – Tiermann